• Recombinant Human Tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 2(TACSTD2),partial (Active)

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      • (Tris-Glycine gel) Discontinuous SDS-PAGE (reduced) with 5% enrichment gel and 15% separation gel.

      • Activity
        Measured in cell activity assay using U937 cells, the EC50 for this effect is 190.2-298.6 ng/ml. Biological Activity Assay

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    • 纯度:
      Greater than 90% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
    • 内毒素:
      Less than 1.0 EU/ug as determined by LAL method.
    • 生物活性:
      Measured in cell activity assay using U937 cells. The EC50 for this effect is 190.2-298.6 ng/ml.
    • 基因名:
    • Uniprot No.:
    • 别名:
      Cell surface glycoprotein Trop 2; Cell surface glycoprotein Trop-2; Cell surface glycoprotein Trop2; Epithelial glycoprotein 1; GA733 1; GA7331; M1S 1; M1S1; Membrane component chromosome 1 surface marker 1; Pancreatic carcinoma marker protein GA733 1 ; Pancreatic carcinoma marker protein GA733-1; Pancreatic carcinoma marker protein GA7331 ; TACD 2; TACD2_HUMAN; TACSTD 2; Tacstd2; Trop 2; Trop2; Tumor associated calcium signal transducer 2 precursor ; Tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 2
    • 分子结构:
    • 种属:
      Homo sapiens (Human)
    • 蛋白长度:
    • 来源:
      Mammalian cell
    • 分子量:
      56.8 kDa
    • 表达区域:
    • 氨基酸序列
    • 蛋白标签:
      C-terminal hFc-tagged
    • 产品提供形式:
      Liquid or Lyophilized powder
      Note: We will preferentially ship the format that we have in stock, however, if you have any special requirement for the format, please remark your requirement when placing the order, we will prepare according to your demand.
    • 缓冲液:
      Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered PBS, 6% Trehalose, pH 7.4
    • 储存条件:
      Store at -20°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
    • 保质期:
      The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
      Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
    • 货期:
      Basically, we can dispatch the products out in 1-3 working days after receiving your orders. Delivery time may differ from different purchasing way or location, please kindly consult your local distributors for specific delivery time.
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    • 注意事项:
      Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
    • 产品描述:

      With an EC50 between 190.2-298.6 ng/ml on U937 cells, Recombinant Human Tumor-Associated Calcium Signal Transducer 2 (TACSTD2) (also known as TROP2) finds application in various researches, including cancer research. This recombinant protein is a surface receptor with partial length. A DNA sequence encoding the TACSTD2 (27-274aa) was fused with an Fc-tag at C-terminal.
      Overexpression and upregulation of TROP2 have been associated with various tumors and cancers. Its tumorigenic effects depend on ligand binding and the activation of intracellular pathways.
      TROP2 is involved in the JAK/STAT pathway, MAP/ERK pathway, and the PI3/AKT pathway. It binds with ligands such as IGF-1, Cyclin, Claudin, and Protein Kinase C.
      TROP2 also finds application in studies on gelatinous drop-like corneal dystrophy (GDLD). Mutations in the TACSTD2 gene have been shown to play a major role in the development of GDLD.
      The purity and endotoxin levels of the Recombinant Human Tumor-Associated Calcium Signal Transducer 2 is determined using SDS-PAGE and LAL method, respectively. The product is over 90% pure with an endotoxin content below 1EU/µg.

    • Datasheet & COA:
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    • 功能:
      May function as a growth factor receptor.
    • 基因功能参考文献:
      1. The results suggest that TROP2 expression could be an effective prognostic biomarker for oral squamous cell carcinoma PMID: 30098828
      2. TROP-2, SLP-2 and CD56 were effective diagnostic markers for PTC, especially when they were combined to use. PMID: 29951933
      3. Trop2 has a potential role in the promotion of EMT in BC. PMID: 29901160
      4. these results suggested that TROP2 may promote osteosarcoma cell proliferation and migration via PI3K/AKT signaling and may serve as a novel treatment target for osteosarcoma . PMID: 29845216
      5. TACSTD2 downregulation is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma. PMID: 29538454
      6. findings demonstrate that a membranous TROP-2 staining pattern is highly specific for PTC, which may serve as a potential diagnostic marker aiding in the accurate classification of morphologically equivocal thyroid follicular-patterned lesions PMID: 26862947
      7. TROP2 promoted the proliferation, migration and metastasis of gallbladder cancer cells by regulating PI3K/AKT pathway and inducing EMT. PMID: 28423362
      8. The results from clinical specimens showed that Trop2 expression correlated with MMP2 expression in primary thyroid cancer. The current study suggests that elevated expression of Trop2 may represent an important molecular hallmark that is biologically and clinically relevant to the progression of thyroid cancer. PMID: 28709407
      9. these results suggest a differential role for TROP2 in different lung cancer subtypes PMID: 28404926
      10. Results show that TROP2 expression is up-regulated in gastric tumor and its co-expression with AREG protein is associated with TNM stage, tumor size, lymph node metastases, and distant metastases. PMID: 28256068
      11. Our findings indicate that the expression of Trop-2 is a stringent predictor of tumor response to AKT inhibitors. They also support the identification of target-activatory pathways, as efficient predictors of response in precision cancer therapy. PMID: 27022065
      12. Findings suggest that high TROP2 expression identifies distinct cell sub-populations in androgen-sensitive and androgen-independent prostate tumors and that it may be a predictive biomarker for prostate cancer treatment response in androgen-sensitive tumors. PMID: 27283984
      13. TROP2 may play a crucial role in COPD by affecting basal cells function and thus airway remodeling through increased basal cells hyperplasia PMID: 27887617
      14. TROP2 was overexpressed specifically in the majority of epithelial ovarian cancer and may be a novel prognostic biomarker PMID: 27127000
      15. we compared the diagnostic value of TROP-2 expression in distinguishing between benign and malignant thyroid lesions to those of HBME-1, CK19 and galectin-3 PMID: 28547974
      16. TROP-2 membranous staining is a very sensitive and specific marker for the classic and tall cell variants of papillary thyroid carcinoma, and for papillary microcarcinomas , with high overall specificity for papillary thyroid carcinoma PMID: 27311870
      17. The results suggested that trop2 facilitated neovascularization of non-small-cell lung cancer via activating ERK1/2 signaling pathway. PMID: 28345466
      18. We identified a homozygous TACSTD2 missense mutation, c.551A>G, p.(Tyr184Cys), in the affected family members. Both parents were heterozygous for the mutation, and unaffected siblings were either heterozygous or homozygous wild-type for this allele. PMID: 27227392
      19. Our results expand the mutational spectrum of TACSTD2 in patients with gelatinous drop-like corneal dystrophy (GDLD). PMID: 27149532
      20. Trop2 expression was higher in GC tissues than in neighboring non-tumor tissues. Increased Trop2 protein levels in GC were associated with increased differentiation, tumor node metastasis stage, tumor size, lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis, and H. pylori infection. PMID: 26716416
      21. Trop-2 is a novel target for ADC therapy because of its high expression by many solid cancers. PMID: 26101915
      22. TROP2 is epigenetically down-regulated and operates as a negative regulator of cell proliferation and migration in liver fluke-associated cholangiocarcinoma. PMID: 26626643
      23. TROP-2 is specifically expressed in papillary thyroid carcinoma. PMID: 26481593
      24. overexpression of TROP2 appears to be an independent predictor for poor clinical outcome in nasopharyngeal carcinoma PMID: 26617817
      25. Lower GA733-2 expression in cancer tissues appeared to correlate with lymph node metastases (P < 0.05). GA733-1 gene expression was significantly higher in cancerous samples PMID: 26600538
      26. TROP-2 can be used as well as HBME-1 in thyroid cytology to detect PTC. PMID: 25164548
      27. Altogether, our data suggest that TROP2 plays an important role in promoting ADC and may represent a novel prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target for the disease. PMID: 26773504
      28. TROP2 protein is expressed at high levels in the colon cancer tissues. PMID: 26059528
      29. TACSTD2 protein, human is predicting lymph node metastases in OSCC, overall survival and disease-free survival. PMID: 24764155
      30. The amino acid exchange resulting from 4461T[C does not appear to alter binding of HO-3, suggesting that treatment with catumaxomab can be offered to patients regardless of their TACSTD1-genotype. PMID: 26115884
      31. These observations suggest that Trop2 serves an oncogenic role in LSCC and has potential as a therapeutic target PMID: 25779928
      32. This study reveals that both EpCAM and Trop2 overexpression in pituitary adenomas correlate significantly with invasiveness and proliferation. Follow-up analysis shows that Trop2 is a predictive factor for recurrence/progression for PAs. PMID: 25550831
      33. Trop2 loss triggers sensitivity to anti-ErbB3 antibodies, which results in reduced proliferation and tumorigenic growth of Trop2 negative head and neck squamous cell cancer cells. PMID: 25238142
      34. studies have begun to identify the mechanisms underlying TROP2's functions, including regulated intramembrane proteolysis or specific interactions with integrin b1 and claudin proteins. PMID: 25523132
      35. we demonstrate that the Trop-2 activation states are critical determinants of tumor progression and are powerful indicators of breast cancer patients survival. PMID: 24824621
      36. Inhibition of Tacstd2 expression significantly inhibited chemotherapeutic reagent-induced apoptosis, and TACSTD2 regulated apoptotic gene expression through P63 containing the transactivation domain (TAp63). PMID: 24651436
      37. Trop2 is important in proliferation and apoptosis regulation in CaSki cells, which may become a novel target for cervical cancer treatment. PMID: 24816726
      38. Overexpression of TROP2 predicts poor prognosis of patients with cervical cancer and promotes the proliferation and invasion of cervical cancer cells by regulating ERK signaling pathway. PMID: 24086649
      39. miR-125b-1 causes mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway dysfunction through regulation of TACSTD2 expression. PMID: 23416980
      40. The results of this study suggested that the TROP2 correlated with malignancy, proliferation and angiogenesis in human gliomas PMID: 23397225
      41. TROP2 gene expression can be used as an independent prognostic indicator for squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx. PMID: 22987366
      42. Used the Sf9 cells to express the Trop2 ectodomain (Trop2EC) in two forms - wt glycosylated (gTrop2EC) and mutant non-glycosylated form (Trop2EC(Delta/N)). Recombinant protein was purified and structure studied. PMID: 23872121
      43. Trop2 expression reflects a more malignant phenotype and may serve as an unfavorable prognostic factor for extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma, nasal type PMID: 23979406
      44. The cells exhibited a low epithelial barrier function as well as decreased expression of tight-junction-related proteins claudin 1 and 7. PMID: 23868985
      45. show that Trop-2 enhances directional prostate cancer cell migration, through modulation of Rac1 GTPase activity PMID: 23536555
      46. Network hubs and interacting partners are co-expressed with Trop-2 in primary human tumours, supporting a role of this signalling network in cancer growth. PMID: 22562244
      47. study characterized the expression of TACSTD2 in invasive ductal breast cancer(IDC) and adjacent non-malignant tissues; studies demonstrated that the high expression of TACSTD2 correlates with a poor prognosis in IDC PMID: 23031786
      48. Our data support a model where above-baseline expression of wild-type Trop-2 is a key driver of human cancer growth. PMID: 22349828
      49. High expression of TROP2 was associated with stage stage IIb colon cancer. PMID: 23055188
      50. More than 90% of Gelatinous drop-like corneal dystrophy (GDLD) patients possessed the same haplotype with a Q118X mutation in TACSTD2. PMID: 23038033



    • 相关疾病:
      Corneal dystrophy, gelatinous drop-like (GDLD)
    • 亚细胞定位:
      Membrane, Single-pass type I membrane protein
    • 蛋白家族:
      EPCAM family
    • 组织特异性:
      Placenta, pancreatic carcinoma cell lines.
    • 数据库链接:

      HGNC: 11530

      OMIM: 137290

      KEGG: hsa:4070

      STRING: 9606.ENSP00000360269

      UniGene: Hs.23582

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